In store marketing tools has been dramatically changed in recent years. No more printed posters, wobblers and static cardboard banners only. Contemporary in-store presentation has turned into a dynamic, multimedia environment and digital projection technology has become an essential part of the retail marketing mix. Responding to these developments  Mediaplay brings innovative displays for all touch points where you meet your customers.


Since 2012, we have been building a network of extremely smart, well-proven and highly effective Asian suppliers  and we have been connecting them with local vendors. This approach enables increasingly incorporate digital technology into the common POP tools of our clients. Are you looking for a specific banner, display, or a promotional item that you could not find in our offer? Contact us with your request. Together, we´ll find out a product just for you.


We regularly visit foreign specialized trade fairs and we test and bring the latest technological and impressive innovations of digital communications to the Czech market.


We strongly believe in building long-term relationships, we always try to perceive our clients retail-marketing needs and think about proposed solutions in the context. We can offer a specific POP product, promo item or an individual display or come up with an overall tailored solution of client´s visual merchandising.