How to choose an electric scooter

  1. Engine power is the number one parameter, which plays a key role in the selection of electric scooters.
  2. Range. You don't want to hang out in the field, do you? BT350,500 and 800 scooters can reach 60 km for one battery charging.
  3. The folding mechanism must be quick and safe.
  4. Battery type. The battery is the most expensive component on an electric scooter; it pays to look for proven brands. We have tested, tested, and tested and the branded LG batteries are our great favorite.
  5. Way of use. Do you want a daily drive to work or to school and prefer quick folding, light, and portable e-scooter, or are you a fan of long trips to the countryside on a strong machine? BLUETOUCH e-scooters portfolio can satisfy both.
  6. The terrain where you ride the most.
  7. Sufficient selection of spare parts and accessories exactly for the selected type of electric bicycle.
  8. Quality after-sale service to avoid later problems when complaining "no-name" eco-scooters from eBay etc.
  9. Available professional service center 
  10. You don´t need a driving licence for  BLUETOUCH  electric scooters riding